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MY daughter has just started Hillsborough College and I heard you can have a free bus pass if you have to travel three or more miles, which she does.

But we’ve now been told she cannot have a pass as I am not receiving income support or job seekers allowance.

Even though I work full time, I am not much better off than those on benefits. It would have been nice to have a bit of help towards the cost of the fares.

Miss A Beckingham, Woodthorpe

It won’t happen again

nick Clegg told his party faithful to never say sorry for helping the Tories make the people of Britain suffer. Well I for one am sorry I ever put a cross next to his name.

It won’t happen again.

Tanya Stevens, Hallam

Don’t be cruel to dogs

i’ve had my Staffy dog since he was six weeks old. He’s now six years old and my best friend in the world and classed as my fourth child.

There isn’t anywhere he doesn’t go without me, that even includes bed at night. I adore him.

It broke my heart when I walked into Castle Market to see a young woman on the stairwell with a puppy Staffy, no more than a few months old. He was beautiful, looking for fun and attention.

She startled me at first by shouting out, when I looked up I realised who she was shouting at. She yanked it up in the air for no reason at all, apart from possibly pulling on its lead.

I shouted up to her that if she didn’t stop hurting it I’d have it off her. All I got was a load of abuse, about how it was her dog and she could do what she wanted to it.

Why have a dog if you don’t want it or know how to love it?

Serious Staffy lover, Kaye Simpson, Killamarsh

I won’t use home

She’s 91 this year and has Alzheimer’s. Her condition has deteriorated and I am currently in the process of looking for a nursing home for her.

I went to visit one last week and was disgusted to see the state of the pots they were using.

There was a plate in the kitchen that had more chips in it than the local chippie and the tumblers which were being given out with drinks were no better.

When challenged about these, the carers and kitchen staff looked amazed at my complaint!

Surely people with Alzheimer’s deserve better. It is a disease and is not their fault – it could happen to any of us. Also there was little interaction between carers and residents.

I walked in and my immediate reaction was to say ‘good morning ladies and gents’. The residents looked at me as if to say ‘Who’s that speaking to us? Nobody speaks to us.’

I certainly won’t be using that home.

The care home my mum is currently in is very nice, a newish home and generally very well staffed, except for the laundry. I have started to iron her clothes myself as nothing gets ironed and I hate to see her looking a mess.

Last Thursday, I had a session and ironed everything but when I went to visit on Monday, I was annoyed to see her wearing a very crumpled jumper.

I checked her wardrobe thinking she may have worn all her ironed clothes to find everything, approximately six skirts and 10 jumpers, all ironed and hanging as I’d left them! I’m so annoyed that these so called ‘carers’ do not take any pride in their work although their interaction at this home is much better.

I wonder what the people with Alzheimer’s are thinking and how they would feel if they knew how they were being treated.

LG, S20