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I am writing to give my full support for the saving of our city street trees.

We have already had trees removed and/or replaced in our area with little or no notice given.

Notices were posted on trees where reasons stated were not visibly apparent and others where remedial works would seem to be more appropriate.

Mature trees being removed and/or replaced with non-native saplings, (some of which are already dying), will not continue to give ecological support to the city and are not suitable to our native insects.

The Rustling Road lime trees play an important part in providing food for bats, (which are protected by law), and the blossoms around Greystones provide a much needed food source for bees (also in danger), when there is little other food around between spring and summer.

Greystones blossoms were targeted after the pavement improvements were completed sighting ‘pavement issues’, even though the new pavement was as flat as a pancake.

The large trees across Sheffield play a great part in pollution control and new saplings will not help with this nor towards surface water drainage.

I, like many others, feel there should be a review of Amey’s work regarding our trees.

Streets with trees need a more sensitive approach across the city and, for me, the image of our area without its’ mature trees, (Ecclesall, Greystones and Nether Edge particularly), is not acceptable.

As Sheffield is ‘re-branding’ itself as the Outdoor City it seems completely out of sync to be drastically changing the appearance of a city which has always been promoted as ‘the greenest city in England’.

I feel it is essential that Sheffield City Council take notice of Sheffield residents and give this matter very serious thought before allowing Amey to continue in this manner.

There has to be a more suitable strategy for dealing with streets with trees and residents should be consulted before any more damage is done.

On another note, why were Amey sent to fell trees in Nether Edge on the day an 8,000+ petition was presented to the council and a ‘pause’ in this work was supposed to be in place?

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