We made V for Victory sign not Nazi salute

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I would like to reply to the letter from Laura Burn in Tuesday’s Star.

I attended the EDL march from opposite the Walkabout to the War Memorial in Barker’s Pool and back again.

As we approached the memorial there was a lot of jeering and shouting and a band on the City Hall steps.

While we were having a two-minute silence, the UAF supporters were booing and shouting abuse. We held our arms in the air with the V for Victory sign, there were no Nazi salutes.

After we got back to the Walkabout I asked if I could leave as I had plans for the afternoon.

I got told no by the police. After a couple of hours waiting on West Street, we were all dehydrated and not allowed to go into any shops for drinks, so the police appeared with several cases of water for us all. We were not on a pub crawl.

The police told us that we should urinate against walls or in the street as we were not allowed to use any toilets.

At about 4.30pm, we were all taken to the train station and the UAF were trying to confront us on every corner. I believe the police did a good job at making the EDL look bad by making us all agitated at standing up for three to four hours with no food or drink.

We eventually got to the train station where we were all herded like cattle, which made us look more obvious and conspicuous.

S26 Blade

Kiveton Park