‘We’ll simplify our pricing’

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E.ON is the latest of the big six energy companies to admit its pricing is unclear – after its primary and secondary rates left customers scratching their heads.

The firm says it recognises much of what it does ‘appears complex and confusing’ and it has launched a review.

The Star is campaigning for an end to two-tier pricing and a return to a standing charge – to cover distribution costs – and one rate for fuel.

Currently E.ON charges more for an initial amount before the price drops. Ofgem says the system discriminates against the less well off who tend to be low users.

An E.ON spokeswoman said: “We believe our current rates are fair and reflect the costs we incur in supplying energy to our customers.

“However, as an energy company, we recognise that much of what we do appears complex and confusing to our customers and a result we’ve begun the ‘reset review’. This will examine every aspect of our relationship with our customers.”