We know who runs country

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I REMEMBER 1974/75, when newspapers asked who governs Britain. Unions were pursuing wage claims in local government and the NHS for workers among the lowest paid of any group at the time.

The Government imposed pay restraint for the public sector. At the same time, inflation was at an all-time high. Many newspapers accused the unions of holding the country to ransom! Union officials like myself were vilified by much of the media for speaking out.

With the benefit of 40 years, we can now state who actually rules Britain. It’s the bankers who call the shots. The public scandal over bonuses and the way they thumbed their noses at ministers, demonstrates their contempt they have for democracy itself.

In the last few weeks, only one national paper, to my knowledge, has felt it important enough to report that the Tories currently receive 50 per cent of their funding from bankers. Now we really know who rules Britain.

Ken Curran, snr, S12