We haven’t got anything to lose

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If you know little about the European Union, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is essential to us as a nation.

This is simply untrue.

It is nothing more than a trading area with delusions of grandeur.

That would be okay except that it costs us £55 million a day just to belong and considerably more than that as we religiously follow (largely useless) rules and regulations formed by unaccountable, unelected, generally inexperienced bureaucrats.

Even if totally united, the 7 per cent or so of MEPs from the UK in the European Parliament cannot stop any legislation whatsoever.

Our nation can never win a vote which is to our benefit. (Indeed, it is generally only the UKIP MEPs who even attempt to fight our corner.)

The organisation is imperialistic in nature.

It has prevented us from enjoying many of the benefits of open trade with the Commonwealth.

It is basically inward-looking but will uncomplainingly kowtow to virtually any global business – however huge, faceless and detrimental to the people of the 28 countries.

It tries to foment a new and dangerous euro-nationalism.

It is demonstrably corrupt.

Its share of world trade is plummeting at a rapid rate.

No, we do NOT need to be members to enjoy trading benefits.

And no, we will not lose influence when we leave – we haven’t actually got any to lose – other than in the minds of the euro-fanatics, of course.

John Lowcock

Dobcroft Road, Sheffield, S11