We don’t want to lose trees

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Why are we losing our mature trees on Rustlings Road with no proper specific consultation or notice until tree felling is due to start?

The City Council officers have said today (Wednesday, May 27) that they considered the whole asset – by their definition the trees, the pavement and the road. But the whole asset must surely include Endcliffe Park as well. Then there would be a prospect of properly protecting the roots of these landmark trees by weaving the pavement in and out of the park around the trees with no loss of land area to the park that would then include these trees.

Whatever ultimately happens there should now be a breathing space for the city council to correct its oversight on proper detailed consultations and to look ‘outside the box’ at options involving the entire estate including the park, and not just deal with this as a highways matter.

There is no way we want to lose our wonderful ‘Rustling’ trees.

Mr & Mrs P Doherty

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