We don’t want more of this

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WE desperately hope that a recent spate of arson attacks on youth and education centres around Sheffield are not a sign of things to come this summer.

Last month we reported on the mindless vandal attack on a boxing centre on the Manor which led to its closure.

The reason for the attack was the metal inside which was sold for scrap.

Now we find ourselves reporting on two arson attacks on centres, the latest so bad that the building has been condemned as unsafe and shut down.

The attack on the Meynell Youth Centre, in Parson Cross, destroyed the building and the contents, affecting youth provision.

The result? Youngsters will be left without facilities to keep them occupied in the evenings.

The attack comes just days after the Darnall Education Centre was set alight, destroying nursery equipment inside.

At least, in this instance, services are still operating as normal.

But the concern is what sort of summer can we expect.

We are already hearing reports by the fire and police service about how their resources are being stretched. This sorts of incidents will do little to help.

And in the current economic climate, there are precious few reserves to replace damaged equipment or find alternative premises.

Help police find the wanted men

TODAY we report on the police hunt for two men wanted in connection with the horrendous rape of a woman whom they escorted out of a city centre pub.

We hope that by publishing the CCTV images of the wanted men on the front page, someone will be prompted to recognise them and turn them in.

There are bound to be many who will have seen one of the men sporting the distinctive jacket.

So please don’t protect them.

Time to put feet up

FOR the past few months, this newspaper has been shining a light on the unsung heroes of our health service.

And today it is the turn of hospital cleaner Leanora Thomas, who is retiring after working keeping the wards and corridors of our hospitals clean for a staggering 33 years.

She has been a friendly, jovial face to thousands of patients over the years. And she even got to serve up the odd cup of tea, too.

Leanora deserves her own time now to put up her feet and have someone wait on her. Well done and thanks for your dedicated service.