We don’t want a Tesco store built in the old Sportsman

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On October 4 a few residents in close proximity to the Sportsman Inn in Stannington received a letter from Tesco confirming rumours that it was opening a Tesco Express in the building.

Our earlier enquiries to the town hall planning department revealed that no plans had been submitted and, alarmingly, that none were required for change of use.

All other enquiries since have been met with silence – until the letter.

I can appreciate the attraction, for some, of popping across the road for bread or milk, particularly in winter, but at what cost? We have a good variety of shops both up and down the hill and in walking distance of the Sportsman, most privately owned and offering similar products and services to those Tesco would provide.

These outlets have served us well for many years and we do not want to lose them.

Consider the effect a Tesco Express would have on these small businesses; the local residents and the character of the area.

People might lose their livelihoods, businesses would close and premises could be left empty.

Those who live closest to the Sportsman would have to endure continual traffic in and out of the site, noise, parking, blocked access to homes, safety issues, litter.

The Sportsman is a familiar landmark at the junction of Oldfield Road and Stannington Road – do we really want Tesco dominating the approach to the village?

Tesco has informed us that it is applying for planning permission for a cash machine, signage and minor works before it can progress – so come on planners – deny them this permission.

We neither need nor want Tesco in Stannington.


Local resident