We can not afford the EU

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The Bruges Group assessed the total costs of the EU to the UK, over and above our membership subs and came to the staggering, costed sum of £55 billion per annum for 2008.

Heaven knows what that would be now. With much of its information coming from the Government’s own Pink Book, the figures seem fair but understated.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance claimed in 2013 that the actual figure was more than double – with much of their information coming from the Open Europe publication.

Their figures may perhaps be seen as a little on the high side.

There seems no doubt that the truth must fall, rather frighteningly, between these two figures.

Simple conclusion – we cannot afford membership of the EU.

Paying huge amounts to obey rules designed to work for the better interests of everyone but ourselves is self-destructive.

Why is UKIP the only party which does not hide the truth?

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S13