We bid every week for a home

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my partner and myself have been bidding for properties in Sheffield since 2008.

We’ve bid on at least one per week, sometimes five. As yet we’ve not received one offer. But when we look on our bidding history, some properties we bid on are suddenly back up for bidding.

I asked about this and was told they make an offer to the first person and if it is refused, then they pass it to the next on the list. But this is not happening.

We live in a one-bed house which is damp with black mould. There are no compliance certificates for the gas or electric appliances. We asked the council about this and they didn’t even bother contacting us. But we do not hold out any hope of an answer as I’m sure they will say there is no record of our letters or phone calls.

We are both working and would be paying full rent and council tax.

Keith Barlow