We are fight-ing to win

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Thank you for covering Natalie Bennett’s visit to Sheffield Central on Wednesday. As a Young Green, it really highlighted for me what a serious target seat this is for the party, not to mention a place we can realistically win.

Our local election results have grown enormously in recent years. Adding together all votes across the constituency’s five wards, we’ve jumped from 10% to just over 30% between 2010 and May 2014. Since then we’ve seen the Green Surge where our local membership has nearly quadrupled to over 1,100 and the local party has modernised rapidly.

Being involved in this campaign, I’ve seen the impact this has had on the inside.

It’s well-funded, well-resourced and has a good supply of regular volunteers. There’s something happening daily, often multiple things, both online and on the streets. It’s incredible to be a part of, and to have the national leader come down and visit us really shows how important this campaign is for the party and how seriously we’re fighting to win.

Aidan Phillips

by email