Watt is the buzz behind tripping the outdoor light-fantastic?

A house emblazoned with Christmas lights
A house emblazoned with Christmas lights
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Driving home from work is a very merry occasion these days. Once you’re through the rush-hour grind, that is.

Dark, dreary nights have been transformed. We traverse Pitsmoor, Firth Park and Shiregreen, our way lighted as if by angels with a trade account at Homebase. Every few streets, through the gloom looms a scene of seasonal frivolity. It’s like Blackpool Illuminations meets B&Q out there.

It’s not just their homes people have trussed up in fairylights; it’s entire gardens too. Trees twinkle, shrubs shimmer. Hedgerows hum with halogen.

What’s the buzz? Are those tripping the light-fantastic blazing the way for community Christmas spirit? Or are they caught up in a crazy Christmas game of one-upmanship with the neighbours? Thing is, though, surely most of these homes belong to people whose incomes are far from lavish and unlimited. Watt (sorry; couldn’t help it) a total waste of money people don’t have.

Okay, it’s Christmas. a time to have a bit of fun. But how are these people going to be able to pay the leccy bill come February? They will start the New Year with one hell of a financial hangover. In our house, we go round switching lights off. Waste energy outdoors? No way.

Still, it’s all light every night for we who get the view for free.