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Regarding your article quoting Coun Fox as saying cities across Europe will watch the unfolding of a Highway Tree Forum created for further debate on tree felling.

To us, the campaigners, this appears to be rather disingenuous as we were promised this at a meeting with Coun Fox at the beginning of June.

While he is now saying that no other solutions have been proposed and the footpaths fall foul of disability guidance, he knows that we brought with us sketch proposals, photographs of Amey’s similar work elsewhere and cited matters that have previously been accepted by Sheffield as approving authority under relevant legislation and our own wheelchair experience along the road.

These weren’t new solutions, but common-sense and based on the experience and expertise of the campaigners locally but also from internet searches of solutions employed elsewhere.

Through a petition of more than 10,000 signatures and growing, we asked for debate (via a Scrutiny Board) so that this could be discussed at expert level so that the councillors could be properly informed and not make the disastrous decision for Sheffield and its rebranding in Europe as the Outdoor City that they arrived at last week.

We also sought to clarify the contractual arrangements with Amey, as we were becoming concerned about the procedural accountability – but received no replies to these queries in time for the ‘debate’.

Coun Fox says we can now have that debate, but it will be after the trees have been felled.

We expect there are a few regimes outside Europe that would also be interested in that kind of democracy.

We do look forward to learning more, and to showing Europe how we campaign here.

So, Sheffield people, please send your queries and information regarding the process, your interaction with Amey or the council, and photographs of works carried out, to the Save Sheffield Trees Facebook page.

The SORT Campaign

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n The tree debate has attracted a bumper letters bag, but the council has now made its decision and we feel it’s time to draw this correspondence to a close in order to give other issues more prominence.