Waste backlog blights Sheffield park area

Some of the rubbish which has accumulated near Graves Park
Some of the rubbish which has accumulated near Graves Park
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Residents have kicked up a stink about mounting piles of waste they say are blighting streams in Sheffield’s Graves Park.

Black bags of rubbish, discarded cookers, shopping trolleys and even old tyres are among the items collecting on the site off Norton Lane.

Sheffield Council has used the area as a ground maintenance service, where waste from parks in the south and east of the city is placed for removal, for several years.

But a backlog of waste has piled up because a collection vehicle broke down.

Although it is now back in service, residents say animals are breaking into the accumulating bags and scattering waste in their gardens or the park.

Nick Williams, who lives at Norton Park View and is a member of the Friends of Graves Park, said: “There are hundreds of bags filled with dog muck from parks all over the city which end up on the site.

“Birds, badgers and foxes are ripping into the bags, then there is a rainstorm and it is getting leaked into the streams that run through Graves Park and going into the River Sheaf.

“People living nearby have been complaining about the smell.

“I spoke to local residents who told me they had seen rats in gardens and cats killing rats and bringing them into the house.

“This dump is just yards from houses where families have their children playing in the back gardens.”

Plans to sell the nurseries to build a new home for St Luke’s Hospice several years ago sparked a public outcry, and a dispute over whether the site was on park land.

The site is part of the park but hasn’t been used for recreation for years.

Graves Park councillor Ian Auckland has called for the council to ‘clear up its mess’.

He said: “First the council tried to sell off park land and now they are dumping their rubbish on our doorsteps.”

The council thanked the Friends of Graves Park for working with officers.

Paul Billington, director of culture and environment,at Sheffield Council said: “It should be pointed out that this issue is not related to the beautiful Graves Park proper.

He added:“We have recently had a problem with the vehicle used to collect the waste, as it broke down. This has now been resolved, which means service has resumed and waste levels will reduce.”