Waltzes, ballet, bubble baths and make-up - the perfect warm-up for five-a-side football

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The clairvoyant experience was initiated by my three-year-old son “waltzing” me round the bathroom chanting “One, two, three, one, two, three” in his adorable babyish way.

We were laughing together as he was whirling and twirling me around, and I suddenly had a very strong image of me at his wedding many years in the future. I could see myself smiling as he led me in a waltz on his special day. I felt a shiver right down my spine.

I think these actions may have been triggered by him watching his elder sister’s Angelina Ballerina DVDs.

But the other half was less than impressed with his son’s antics. The waltz – completed just before son stepped into his rose-scented bath (after he added the bubble bath given to his sister for Christmas) came just half an hour after he had been trying on my make-up.

The other half thinks I am having a certain effect on my only son – and seems genuinely worried I may be trying to turn him into a girl (despite the fact I already have two daughters).

As I have assured him repeatedly, this is not the case.

My other children also try to copy what I do, including brushing and styling their hair and trying to put lipstick and blusher on – despite most of it ending up on their ears.

My son just seems to have a natural gift of knowing what does and doesn’t work. He may be only three, but his sense of colour and co-ordination is second to none. He will tell me in no uncertain terms if parts of my outfit clash. Instead he will ponder over my wardrobe and – seriously - select the missing part of the jigsaw.

He also knows what works in terms of clothes for him.

This is in such stark contrast to his head-in-the-clouds elder sister. She too has an interest in clothes and quite an opinion about what she should be wearing – but often it is clashing spots and stripes with deliberately discordant tops and skirts. This, complete with her long red hair, gives her a Bohemian look.

However, I think my other half fears his son and heir may never become a football star of the future if I keep encouraging him to be so in touch with his feminine side.

I am sure he will be at five-a-side football matches in the very near future. But I also want him to go to a baby ballet class too.

“It is a well known fact that footballers do ballet training to help them,” I insist to the exasperated other half.

“And don’t worry about his feminine ways,” I say. “After all there is no-one more in touch with his feminine side than David Beckham.”

Luckily there is help on hand as Sheffield City Council runs a number of initiatives aimed at children getting involved in sport and in particular football. For more information visit: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/lleisure-services---activity-sheffield/activities/blastoff-football-programme- or http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/lleisure-services---activity-sheffield/activities/sport-in-the-community