Wailing sound from window as I was sitting on the toilet

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In reply to David Mitchell’s letter entitled “Bad Wind” (Star, December 29) the wooden-framed windows in my council semi were replaced with plastic framed double -glazed units as part of the Decent Homes programme some years ago.

After this I noticed a wailing sound emanating from the closed toilet window (a most disturbing occurrence given that I was on the pot at the time) and one bedroom window the first time a strong wind blew; the intensity of which is proportionate to the strength of the wind blowing at the time and is getting worse as time goes by.

Given that the noise stops upon opening the window, I can only assume that the “insulation” supposedly there to form a seal around the window unit part that opens, acts akin to a reed in a wind instrument thereby generating the noise.

Meanwhile, a draught blows noiselessly via the bathroom window unit, thus reducing the room temperature.

In addition to which, both the kitchen and bathroom had extractor fans installed which act akin to wind tunnels; the need for which I fail to fathom but suspect that it is to comply with building regulations – in the cheapest rather than most practically effective way possible, of course.

I haven’t bothered asking for this to be fixed on the assumption that the story would be that the window units and fans would have to be replaced and that is not possible due to lack of finance – despite the additional bedroom and council tax payments being charged.

So I too have been for some time wondering if anyone else has been suffering from wailing window units and if an explanation and solution has been found, for it would be nice to hear of such if so.

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield S36