Wagons have been converted

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The collection team also refused to empty my blue bin because it was ‘contaminated’ with a plastic bag. My wife inadvertently put a plain plastic bag in the wrong bin (they stand side by side).

Two weeks later, while checking there was to be no trouble in emptying the bin, I spoke to the collection lads who were emptying the blue box of papers (mine is quite heavy) into a wheelie bin. The bin was then taken to the back of the wagon and emptied with the same type of tipper as the bins. One lad said: “We complained about having to empty the boxes months ago. How would you like having to pick up 2000 of those *****y things? So now the wagons have been converted for us.”

So don’t be conned into paying out £750,000 of our money to convert these wagons. It’s already been done, at least in our area. Somebody’s having a laugh!

Deepcar Resident