Vote Labour and ruin our country

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This is a copy of a letter I have sent to the below named and it was in response to a letter from this unknown person writing on behalf of the Labour Party candidate for Hallam, Oliver Coppard.

The nucleus of the letter was who can be trusted with the NHS and advising I should vote for Labour.

I consider the private letter that was sent to numerous Hallam voters, was ill thought out and intrusive, hence my response.

Dr Jenny Bywaters, many thanks for your letter dated April 2015.

You address me as a neighbour, I see your c/o address is the old kids’ shoe shop at Banner Cross. Where do you actually live, it would be good to know because it would appear you know where I live?

I understand you are not from Sheffield. I have lived here on and off for many years as well as places in the south and also north of here, and I have seen how complacency from Labour councils throughout South Yorkshire have resulted in ill-thought-out city planning, massive outstanding council tax and councillors who have no idea how to run what is a multi- million pound operation.

Regarding the NHS, and who should we trust, well Labour has been running the Welsh NHS, what a mess.

May I respectfully suggest as you have spent your entire life as an NHS doctor , you do not realise what the real world is all about.

I have worked in various businesses in the UK and abroad and this has given me a broad understanding of real life and the real world.

I do not have a problem getting a doctor’s appointment and have no issue with A&E. I have visited many times with my father both at the Northern General and Chesterfield hospitals and they were excellent in every sense.

Regarding food banks, the last Labour government did not record these and kept them hidden. I think that maybe the number of visits has increased due to new awareness and people having to make a contribution to the working economy instead of relying on benefits, although there will always be some genuine cases.

Sheffield deserves better you say, I am not a Liberal Democrat but Nick Clegg has added value in his time he has helped with apprenticeships, the new transport link to Rotherham. What have Blunkett, Betts andBlomfield brought to Sheffield in all the years they have been attempting to represent this city?

I am not quite sure who you are, or why you write to me, but I suggest you are not doing any favours for Oliver Coppard by sending this duplicated letter. You have probably lost him votes.

So when this Thursday comes along we will see which party the electorate has chosen. I am assured that there will be no note saying the money has run out. Should we get Ed , with Nicola Sturgeon and Len McCluskey pulling his strings, we will all suffer, watch inflation rise, watch that the only jobs created will be in the NHS and Civil Service.

Large companies will not want to trade in the UK, our NHS will have to turn more to the private sector because Andy Burnham (presuming he is Heath Minister) will have messed up.

Mortgages will increase to all as interest rates will have to increase rendering the poor poorer, the welfare bill hits and immigration hit an all time high.

Vote Labour and ruin our country.

Peter Scothorn

Weetwood Gardens, Sheffield 11