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SOME time ago, many people from your area contributed to the Church Survey which caused great debate among church-goers. In response, a website has now been established for their support and help. It will be of interest to anyone who wants to help preserve the Christian heritage of our nation.

Internet Pulpit ( provides helpful and encouraging material for these dark and depressing days and individuals.

The response to the survey was so impressive, it means there is something here for everyone, whether they are an occasional church-goer, a committed Christian, or a struggling believer with many questions.

Some articles have been written to encourage and inspire, while others make people think. New subjects are added on a regular basis. Among many topics covered are suffering, God and natural disasters, national affairs, the state of the nation, evidence and prayer.

The aim is quite simply to help encourage people in their daily lives and frequent struggles, inspiring them never to give up or lose heart during these troubled, and often bewildering, days.

Rev J Williams, Leigh