Viewpoint driver who criticised cyclists is a dangerous bigot

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I was disgusted to read your printing of Road hog cyclists driving me mad, June 23. It portrays a bigoted opinion and a very dangerous attitude towards driving.

All this on a day when your headlines detail the horrors that can occur on our roads.

Mr Meagher may be shocked to know that most cyclists pay their road tax for when they drive. And one large reason for the sustained low number of cyclists is because there are people like him driving them off the roads, quite literally.

You also need to look at the state of our roads to realise that cyclists need to avoid the dangerous potholes and drains by riding a bit more centrally in the lane.

Cyclists have just as much right to be on the road as Mr Meagher. It’s a shame that people like him are so selfish and arrogant and also a real shame that our local paper would think of printing an article as awful as that.

You may argue that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in this case I believe he should keep his opinions firmly to himself, for the safety of everyone else on the road.

Steve Canning

What a load of rubbish I read in Viewpoint. Kevin Meagher obviously doesn’t realise that most cyclists own cars and thus pay road tax, insurance, petrol tax.

He may wish to read the information on The roads are paid for out of general tax and everyone pays that. If he really feels so strongly about cyclists using ‘his’ road maybe he should consider this: for every cyclist he passes on the road it is one less car in front of him, it’s one more free parking space, it’s less wear on the road, it’s a healthier person thereby saving the NHS money, it’s a slightly better quality of air.

If he has problems he may find that cycling is quicker than the car. If he must drive maybe he should get up earlier. Next he’ll be calling for a pedestrian crossing to be removed to save him even more seconds.

If he hasn’t read the Highway Code recently, the primary position for a cyclist is in the middle of the lane. We generally stay over to the left to allow cars to pass us. This is a consideration many motorist don’t realise.

Russell Cutts, Fairbank Rd, S5 7DA

A couple of points in response to Kevin Meagher’s clearly tongue-in-cheek comments. Only a small percentage of road constuction and maintenance is funded by Vehicle Tax. Most of the cost is met through local and national tax. Many cyclists are car owners, paying just as much as Mr Meagher.

Penistone Road cycle path is very poorly designed. It is crossed by numerous driveways to factories and car showrooms, putting cyclists at significant risk from any vehicle turning off or trying to enter Penistone Road.

Chris Ireland