Videos help us to spot eating problems

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Three short films have been added to the Eat Well pages of Derbyshire County Council’s website.

The videos – about two minutes each – demonstrate practical steps to address malnutrition in older people.

They are ‘how to tell if someone may be underweight’; ‘how to fortify milk – increasing calories and protein’ and ‘how to add 1,000 calories a day easily’.

The Eat Well campaign is aimed at older people who are unintentionally losing weight – as well as their family and carers.

Healthy eating messages like five-a-day and low cholesterol don’t apply to this group and they should choose full fat food and snack on high-calorie treats to gain weight.

The campaign, backed by Age UK Derby and Derbyshire and the NHS, helps people spot the symptoms in elderly friends, relatives and other older people we come into contact with.

n See the videos at