VIDEO: Teenager jailed for sex attack

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A 17-year-old who sexually assaulted a jogger before boarding a bus to Doncaster has been jailed

Jonjo Elswaino, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to sexual assault by penetration and causing grievous bodily harm with intent following the attack, in Worksop, on the evening of Tuesday, April 1.

Jonjo Elswaino, 17, jailed

Jonjo Elswaino, 17, jailed

A court heard he approached a woman jogging in the area, grabbing her by the neck and pulling her to the ground. 
He repeatedly punched and kicked at his target before sexually assaulting her.

The woman was left momentarily blinded by the blood in her eyes and suffered a broken nose and jaw, as well as bruising around her neck where he had strangled her.

After the attack Elswaino boarded a bus from the area to Tickhill.

At Nottingham Crown Court Elswaino was given an indeterminate sentence – meaning he was jailed and will only be released when he is considered not to be a threat to the public.

He will not be eligible to be considered for parole until at least 2018.

He can be named after Judge Pert lifted reporting restrictions banning his identification.

Detective Inspector Justine Dakin, who led the investigation, said: “Elswaino is undoubtedly a dangerous individual whose young age only adds an extra layer of horror to this case.

“After putting this woman through a vile and degrading sex assault, as well as beating her beyond recognition, he jumped on a bus as if nothing had happened.

“So traumatised by her ordeal, his victim has moved away from the area. Despite this she has shown great dignity and strength throughout the investigation. I just hope today’s outcome gives her some sense of justice.”