VIDEO: Sheffield widow’s emotional plea to motorists after husband killed by drink-driver

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The widow of a devoted Sheffield dad killed by a drink-driver has spoken out about her devastating loss.

Karen Codling has spoken about the impact of the death of her husband Eric to support South Yorkshire Police’s Christmas campaign to discourage people from drink-driving.

Eric and Karen Codling with their two daughters

Eric and Karen Codling with their two daughters

She said: “If by speaking out about our loss because of the actions of a drink driver, and by supporting the police’s campaign, even if it only prevents one other family having to go through what we have, it will have been 100 per cent worth it and I would urge people to please think twice before getting behind the wheel.”

Dad-of-two Eric, from Millhouses, was killed while out on a Sunday morning bike ride in November 2013 by Emma Egan, who was twice over the limit, the morning after she had been drinking the night before.

Egan was later sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and disqualified from driving for six years on her release.

Mrs Codling said: “For the first year, it was like living someone else’s life, it didn’t seem real.

Eric Codling

Eric Codling

“I kept expecting him to come home after work, to give me a hug and ask how my day was, but then the stark, harsh reality would dawn and I’d remember that would never happen again.

“His life, our life with our two young daughters, has been cut so very short because of the irresponsible and selfish actions of a drink driver.

“She was drunk, twice over the limit and speeding, Eric didn’t stand a chance.

“He was out cycling, as he did every Sunday morning, fully kitted out wearing reflective clothing, his helmet; he was incredibly safety conscious, but he had no control over what happened.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking and just makes me want to cry.”

She added: “It’s really hard, he’s not here and I just miss everything about him. He was a quiet man, but he did have a dry sense of humour and would do anything to help anybody. He used to go for a run every morning and raised lots of money for a local cancer charity through taking part in various races.

“He was also a brilliant dad, he loved his girls, he idolised them. They’re 14 and 11 years old now, and they struggle, as do I. I don’t think we will ever fully come to terms with losing Eric.”