VIDEO: Sheffield water bombers put on a splashing display

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Eight teams of brilliant belly-floppers made a splash at the annual World Water Bombing Championships at Ponds Forge.

Eight-legged insects, fluorescent human ‘crash dummies’ and even a Roman army made up the teams at the tenth annual event.

Each team had to try to impress the judges by making the biggest splash possible as they jumped from Ponds Forge’s three-metre diving board.

The crowd went wild as each fancy-dressed diver tried their best to water bomb their way to glory.

HelpSheffield Elves team member Tom Molloy, aged 28, of Hillsborough, said after his waterbomb: “It was fun.

“I was heavily weighed down by my elf costume but I managed to keep my hat on which I think was my biggest achievement.”

Team MMA Allstars member Andy Howling, aged 31, of Norton, who was dressed in full Spartan gear including sword and shield, said: “I was trying to get as many spins as I could and I thought if I could hit the water hard enough I might get more marks.

“It’s great to see that people are enjoying themselves so much.”

The championships aimed to raise £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Spectators made a £2 donation to see the bombers in action.




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