VIDEO: Sheffield house fire family ‘caught out’ by strike delay

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A Sheffield family was ‘caught out’ by the fire strike after contingency crews took more than twice as long as normal to get to their burning house.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service was on strike at 6.29am on Thursday morning when crews received a call about a car on fire in Keepers Close, Shiregreen.

Gill Matthews, aged 49, husband Michael, 49, and their three kids were calling 999 when the car fire spread to their house.

The first engine took 11 minutes, 41 seconds from the call being received to turn up - more than double the average response time of five minutes 17 seconds for the area.

“We were caught out by the strike,” said Gill.

“Because we were waiting for the fire brigade, the flames were unbelievable.”

A spokesman for the fire service said it operates a depleted service in strikes and called on the Government and the Fire Brigades Union to ‘negotiate an end to this dispute as quickly as possible.’

For the full story, pick up a copy of The Star tomorrow - Friday, July 18.

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