VIDEO: Rotherham mum’s plea to be rehoused

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A woman whose home was damaged in a fire has slammed the council for not rehousing her.

Natasha Megson said her house is no longer fit to live in after a fire damaged floorboards in her bedroom and filled the house with smoke last Friday evening.

Natasha Megson  pictured at her Fire Damaged Home

Natasha Megson pictured at her Fire Damaged Home

But Rotherham Council officials, who visited the house four days after the blaze, told Natasha her home in Mallory Road, East Herringthorpe, is fit to be lived in and that they will not rehouse her.

Natasha, aged 21, who lives in the house with her one-year-old son Blake and her mum Tracy, said: “I don’t want to live here because I don’t feel safe here.

“I have asked the council to find us somewhere else to live but they have told me that the house is fine to live in, which is a joke.”

The fire started in Natasha’s bedroom at around 4pm last Friday.

South Yorkshire Fire Service said they did not know the cause of the blaze but suggested it could have been the sun’s reflection on a mirror that was on the wall or an electrical fault.

“I opened the door and there was just a huge cloud of smoke,” she said.

“A week on and you can still smell it all through the house.

“I had to take Blake and stay with a friend but I kept waking up and having nightmares about the fire.

“I can’t believe the council thinks it is OK for us to live here. The fire brigade told me it was not fit to live in but the council don’t agree with them.

“They said the only option was to get a hotel but we can’t afford that.”

Natasha said she lost a number of clothes and possessions in the blaze.

“What if it had happened during the night?

“It has taken a while to come to terms with it.”

A Rotherham Council spokesman said: “Miss Megson had a fire in her home last Friday and went to stay with family and friends.

“Our neighbourhood community champion went out to visit the property and it was deemed habitable.

“We will continue working with Miss Megson to find a suitable outcome.”