VIDEO: Nick Clegg defends response to flooding

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Sheffield MP Nick Clegg has denied suggestions the Government’s response to the flooding crisis in the south of England would have been different it had been in the north.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Hallam MP said: “I don’t accept that.

“I’m a constituency MP in Sheffield where a boy lost his life in some horrible flash floods in Sheffield just a few years ago. We all reacted then as we are reacting now.

“Where there is distress – it doesn’t matter whether it is north or south – it is still distress and I think what people are having to face here is simply awful. It is right that we are all pulling together to try and help people who have been affected by these terrible floods.”

Mr Clegg said now was not the time to ‘point the finger of blame’ as the row over the flooding crisis gripping the south intensifies and insisted the priority was for everybody to work together.

He said: “There will be a time and a place when we can decide who should have done what, when and whose responsibility for what decision lay where.

“I don’t think now is the time to point the finger of blame.

“Chris Smith and the Environment Agency have got a very difficult job to do.

“We can in the future look back and decide what went right and what went wrong.”




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