VIDEO: March for miners’ strike 30th anniversary

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Thirty years on from the miners’ strikes which saw collieries across South Yorkshire down tools, the National Union of Miners marched through the streets to mark the anniversary.

Positioned as a ‘celebration of Barnsley’s mining heritage’, people walked through the town holding banners paying tribute to the mining community.

A brass band played as hundreds of people poured through the streets for the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strikes in 1984.

The march was followed by a rally at the Miners’ Hall, and speakers including Barnsley mayor Coun Tim Shepherd, NUM national secretary Chris Kitchen and Women Against Pit Closures gave speeches.

A buffet and live music then followed at Gawber Road Working Men’s Club.

Mr Kitchen said: “The event is a great celebration of Barnsley’s mining heritage. It’s a celebration because 30 years ago the miners made a choice - to allow the government to destroy us, or to fight for our rights.

“We decided to fight for our rights. We still haven’t given up the fight.”

Mr Kitchen was a 17-year-old, having worked at a pit for one year, when strikes were declared. He added: “Pit closures have had a devastating effect that 30 years on some communities still haven’t recovered from.”




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