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A team of budding young journalists in Sheffield teamed up with The Star to give their insight into the future of local news.

The pupils at Westways Primary School, Mona Avenue, Crookes are all part of the team that produces the school’s newspaper Westways Bestways.

And, as part of Local Newspaper Week, yesterday they exchanged tips with journalists from The Star.

The children were keen to pick out their favourite stories and said papers should always be colourful and eye-catching.

The Year 6 pupils, aged 10 and 11, also wanted to read more about people their age, celebrities from their own city and admitted that sometimes bad news was the most interesting. The children also took a close look at the adverts on each page and asked about the economics involved in printing news.

Ten-year-old Esme Morcom said she liked to find out what is going on in Sheffield, particularly if it involves people from her neighbourhood, school or family.

She said: “It was cool to meet journalists and it gives us a big insight into newspapers. Now I will read a newspaper and know more about how it works.

“I would want to read about things that matter to me and the area where I live.

“Things personally of interest to you are the best things to read about.”

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