Video: Hillsborough jury shown footage of fatal crush

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Distressing scenes of the crush at Hillsborough have been shown to the jury sitting at the new inquests.

Jurors were taken through the events of the day step by step by Detective Superintendent Neil Malkin, who is leading the criminal probe into the tragedy at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium.

The images were made up of police footage, CCTV, BBC filming and still photos.

Before the footage was shown at the courtroom in Warrington, the families of the 96 Liverpool FC fans who died were told they could leave court if they wanted to.

The jury was told investigators had managed to identify a large number of those who died from the images.

Beforehand, Mr Malkin took the jury through the chronology of the April 1989 disaster.

He said as the 3pm kick-off approached the crowd outside the Leppings Lane West Stand grew in density.

Police radioed the police control box to ask for the game to be delayed, but were told it was too late to delay kick-off.

Mr Malkin said at 2.57pm supporters emerged onto the perimeter track. The court was told that from 3.03pm to 3.05pm fans could be seen streaming onto the pitch through the open perimeter gates.

At 3.04pm, Liverpool’s Peter Beardsley hit the bar at the Spion Kop end causing Liverpool fans in pen three to surge forward. Police were then sent to the Leppings Lane end amid fears of a pitch invasion.

At 3.56pm, then Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish appealed for calm over the PA system and at 4.10pm the match was abandoned.

In total 162 people were taken to three different hospitals.

The jury will visit Hillsborough and other sites in Sheffield tomorrow.