Video: Child pimp’s victims speak out

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The horrifying impact of Amanda Spencer’s crimes was laid bare as harrowing victim impact statements were read to Sheffield Crown Court.

Spencer’s victims each detailed how they had first met the female pimp, and the effect she had on their lives.

Amanda Spencer jailed for 12 years

Amanda Spencer jailed for 12 years

Many still suffer from depression, some have drug or alcohol addictions, others self harm, and all have problems trusting others and developing normal relationships.

Some said even the cold triggers memories of the time they associated with Spencer - because they wore so little clothing in order to attract punters.

The first victim was just 11 years old.

She said: “She was my friend. I would run away regularly and she would feed me and give me clothes to wear. She was like family to me.

“I liked and trusted her - but all of a sudden she changed. There was a different side of her that I was frightened of.

“She became really nasty and made me do things.

“I carry what she made me do with me every day of my life.”

She added: “Amanda knew I was vulnerable and preyed on that to get her own way.

“When I needed her the most she dropped me, and left me with nothing and nobody to help.”

The girl still suffers panic attacks and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Another victim, who met Spencer when she was about 12, said she lost her virginity only because Spencer forced her to.

“She made me think that to sleep with any man was the norm,” she said.

“I wish I had never met Amanda. I was a kid and she took my childhood. I hate her and she ruined my life.”

Another girl was forced by Spencer to have sex with seven men in one night.

She said: “I thought she would look out for me. She became like family to me.

“But there was another side to her and she made me do things I didn’t want to.

“I will carry around what she made me do, and what she did to me, every day of my life.”

Another said she met Spencer in the Peace Gardens when she was 14.

“She seemed to love me and give me the affection I was missing.”

But she was forced to have sex with two unknown men of different nationalities.

She said: “I’ve no prospects. I’m trying to get my life on track but it’s so hard.

“I’ve made massive mistakes in my life. I use drugs and alcohol and I sleep with random men.

“I’ve no respect for myself at all.”