Victorian poverty

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I don’t think Paul Kenny actually read my letter through regarding No 2 Herries Road.

I didn’t say that by putting the address on birth or death certificates they had come or gone in the workhouse, that terrible place had gone by then.

The workhouse was a terrible place but was the last resort for the poor unfortunates of the town, the stigma of being in such a terrible place was a terrible cross to bear for families for years long after the workhouses had gone.

If Mr Kenny contacts the lady who works in the archives at the Northern General she will give him the same explanation, that’s where I got my information from, via an email contact.

Citing No 2 Herries Road as the place of your demise or entry into the world just continued as a matter of course.

Any reference to the workhouse in a family history nowadays is still a sad thing to learn.

Watch any episode of Who Do You Think You Are? and you can see tears being shed for relatives who died in these, the Victorian answer to poverty.

Vin Malone

by email