Victims need to see justice

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THE figures so far are in - 28 arrests were made in a day-long crackdown on burglary across South Yorkshire.

Police stepped up patrols, dished out crime prevention advice and conducted dramatic raids at suspects’ homes.

One such suspect in Rotherham had his front door battered down when officers paid him a surprise visit - he was later arrested after cannabis and amphetamines were discovered in his property.

South Yorkshire Police say they are happy with the results of the operation. But for Jayne Chedgzoy and her family, the devastation they have felt following a break-in at their home is a reminder of the emotional impact offences of burglary have on victims.

And far more residents across the county could have suffered at the hands of the suspects arrested yesterday.

Justice should now be seen to be done for the victims’ sake. If charges follow, we need the courts to issue appropriately robust sentences.

A matter of life and death

A NEW survey on fires in the home makes sobering reading.

The report from the Electrical Safety Council reveals that more and more fires are being caused by what they refer to as safety sins, which are unnecessary and easily remedied.

And South Yorkshire Fire Service say that half of all accidental house fires are now caused by faulty or misused electrical equipment.

Taking time out to clean behind your fridge or freezer, not piling stuff on top of your microwave and ensuring adaptors are not overloaded are simple fire prevention measures that everyone can manage.

But they could could mean the difference between life and death for you or your family.

Law unto themself

WHEN the going gets tough, the tough get going, so they say. Our region’s lawyers are no exception.

While huge national companies have been feeling the pinch, Yorkshire law firms have been looking further afield and picking up international work that has been priced out of London.

The Legal 500 guide within The Star Business supplement tonight reveals that canny middle-ranked firms in our region have been snapping up talented lawyers from firms hit by recession.

The ability to think further afield has paid dividends for law firms. There’s a lesson for entrepreneurs everywhere.