Very strange

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I have to agree with Carlton “The mouth” Palmer’s article, things are very strange at Sheffield Wednesdaythese days.

First of all, a new chairman who doesn’t speak English and has had nothing to do with English football, but has advisors that have formed a committee.

Also a coach that is unknown in the English game?

I always thought that most clubs kept their wages bill under control, obviously not SWFC, already top heavy before even buying any decent players.

I certainly can not see other clubs following on with this idea of a three-man committee.

I also think it was a disgrace that Stuart Gray’s services were dispensed with, after all where would SWFC’s league position be following the disaster of a previous so-called premiership manager?

Given proper financial support, Gray could have become a manager not just a head coach having to rely on loan players and a third-rate pitch.

What a set-up, no thanks.

Just a football fan on the sidelines