Very expensive white elephant for Sheffield

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Why am I not surprised that Sheffield Council has welcomed the launch of a HS2 growth taskforce heralding the proposed high speed train link?

Any hair-brained scheme, no matter what destruction it causes, will get their backing, even though it will end up being a very expensive white elephant at a cost in excess of £33 billion.

How can saving possibly one hour on a journey time to London possibly justify the disruption to people’s lives, the loss of many people’s homes, and the destruction of large swathes of beautiful countryside and the impact this will have on the environment and wildlife?

Only an utterly mad government would want to inflict this scale of wanton vandalism across the country just to save a small amount of travel time.

By the time the high speed rail link is completed the cost of a ticket will have soared beyond reach of the ordinary person, and new technology is moving at such a fast pace that companies will be conducting most of their business by instant video-link so that business people will have no need to race to London in extra quick time. What is needed is investment in the infrastructure of the existing railway system which can be achieved at far less cost, and will ensure that everyone’s train journeys are improved whether travelling to London or any other city. The country is being run by idiots and unfortunately their irresponsible actions have a detrimental impact on all of us.

Susan Richardson