Utilities should be nationally run by nation for the nation

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So another power station went up in smoke. That is five power stations out of action. And with the clocks going back and the nights getting darker, will we be seeing the lights going out?

According to ‘the great and the good’ our power stations were handed over to private sector firms because they are more efficient, they are able to raise money and provide greater investment.

So why is it then that the very power stations that they built are now burning down and failing? The answer is really quite simple, it is because we were all lied to. When the Tories sold off the power stations, it was not for our future it was so their friends could make piles of money at our expense.

The great Tory experiment has failed. The private sector are interested in only one thing, profits. They exploit, asset-strip and then go crying cap in hand to us tax payers for subsidies and bail-outs.

Well enough is enough. No more.

nPower should shoulder the bill of any increases in what we pay for our electricity because of the destruction of nPower’s Didcot B.

SSE’s much lorded Ferrybridge C was clearly not safe or it would not have caught fire last July. Yet we still have no answer as to why it caught fire.

We can no longer depend on private companies to provide the basics of life. We can no longer continue to allow the money that should be invested in heating our homes and stopping people freezing to bleed out of our country to off-shore fat cats.

It is now time that our power needs are brought directly under the control of our Government.

Only our Government can ensure that our nation does not freeze.

We need nationally-run utilities, run by the nation, for the nation. Nationalise them now.

Mark Jones