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At a time that the top people at South Yorkshire PTE are claiming that the November 1 bus changes improve connections it seems perverse, as Lorraine Ricketts has pointed, (Letters, October 30), that the sole bus between Hillsborough to Ecclesfield Common and Morrisons, (the old 79 route), has been cut short and the replacement bus, (new route 7) stops short at Ecclesfield High Street, a long walk for passengers going to the village centre and, incidentally, onward bus connections.

If route patronage was inadequate then a PTE and their operators seeking to build connections and patronage could have used some lateral thinking and extended the route 79/7 up to Chapeltown timed to meet arrivals and departures from Chapeltown railway station. If these connections were promoted and maintained then Chapeltown could become a useful rail station for Hillsborough and north west Sheffield saving time and unnecessary trips to and from the City Centre – maybe there’s scope for a fast limited stop bus service? Surely that linkage is worth some thought? It would certainly save a lot of car drivers driving from Hillsborough area to Leeds – particularly if the rail service’s calling pattern was improved by adding a Chapeltown stop to some of the faster Sheffield to Leeds services.

Now that the old 70 bus no longer serves West Street and the hospitals en route to Dore there is no bus from that area down Brocco Bank to the south west of the city after 7pm as the replacement route 6 (to Millhouses) doesn’t run in the evenings and Sundays. Again a PTE and their operators seeking to build connections and patronage could have applied some lateral thinking here and extended the route from the bottom of Carterknowle Road up Woodseats Road and along and up Chesterfield Road to Meadowhead area.

I’m sure there are similar linkage opportunities throughout the city – perhaps Star readers through the letter pages could suggest others that might seem obvious to them.

It’s worth remembering that Sheffield Transport and its successors, Mainline and First, didn’t see the possibities of linking Hillsborough and Crookes for over 80 years until Stagecoach came along – now it runs every five minutes during the day.

I’m sure there’s lots of opportunities there that could be useful to passengers and profitable for operators.

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