Use vote to protest

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Is Jack Johnson not aware that Sheffield City Council, along with many other town and city councils, particularly in the north of England, have over the last few years been subjected to cuts of tens of millions of pounds in their budgets by Messrs Cameron and Clegg? (I always find it a bit rich when Mr Clegg bemoans the closure of amenities in the city when he is in part responsible)

It is a sad fact that they no longer have the funds to maintain all but basic services and unfortunately these cuts will always be unpopular.

What one taxpayer sees as a priority is not necessarily seen in the same way by others.

I would agree however about his views on UKIP. They only seem to have policies on immigration and the EU and these seem to change daily.

I can only suggest to Mr Johnson that he uses his vote in the elections to register his protest about the cuts that our council have been forced to carry out due to lack of government funding.

Roger Bird