Use the bat to hit the ball not just protect

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My remedy for the England cricket team’s dire performances in Australia would be simple – new blood.

Ben Stokes was practically unheard of before the Ashes series, but finished up as Man of the Series, and the only Englishman to hit a Test century, showing his senior colleagues how to tackle the Aussies.

A major cause of the England defeats was that the Aussies used the powerful modern bats to full effect, attacking the bowling from the very first ball, particularly the short balls, while the England team prodded and poked in the good old British straight bat tradition, a stroke – or rather non-stroke – which resulted in the loss of almost all their wickets, particularly in the last Test at Sydney .

England – you’re given the bat to hit the ball, not to protect yourself. And Yes, I have played cricket.

Ron Humberstone