Us up north will suffer more

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We have enough cuts, especially in our neck of the woods and in the Northern General Hospital. Under this Coalition Government we are going back to the 1930s.

We have no services, because of the cuts we are down to the bare bones, no police, no fire service, no care, no NHS staff, no doctors, patients waiting up to four hours in A&E, up to a week for appointments with your doctor and Cameron wants them to open for longer.But there is a shortage of doctors already. How can it be done? Who suffers most from these cuts? Not the people who got us into this mess, the bankers and Tory party backers and tax dodgers, but the lower paid workers, and the people on zero hour contracts.

When challenged on the cuts to services, which are down to rock bottom, its ministers say this and say that, just glossing over the true facts. We have to get rid of this heartless Government, because none of them live in the real world but live in cloud cuckoo land in their ivory towers, and us up north will suffer more.

You can’t trust the Tories with the NHS, VAT, etc etc. My slogan for them is The Party of Slime, Sleaze and Corruption. They claim unemployment is down, but they aren’t what you call proper jobs, they are the low paid, zero hour contract jobs. Inflation we are told went down last month, yet price of petrol went back up at least four times.

J Pollitt

Browning Road, S61