Urban myth

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I read with interest the letter “Oddities and old sayings of the English language” (Star Letters, March 11) by Frank Sidney, but it appears that his ideas are partly based upon an article entitled “Life in the 1500s – Folk Etymologies” which began circulating on the internet in April 1999 by person or persons unknown, which contains the explanations mentioned by FS that are, I’m afraid, lacking in any corroborative evidence and hence credibility and thus false. So perhaps FS submitted his letter tongue in cheek?

For people interested in this kind of urban myth come popular fallacy, perhaps they could consult websites such as: “Nonsense Nine” (nonsensenine.html) website, or www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/life20%20in%20the%201500s.html

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, S36