Uphill struggle against flab

Anna, a marketeer and writer from Durham, now lives in Crookes and is enjoying exploring her new city.
Anna, a marketeer and writer from Durham, now lives in Crookes and is enjoying exploring her new city.
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No amount of uphill walking through Sheffield can burn off the calories I’ve been consuming lately. Pork and apple sandwiches, beautifully sweet cakes and an array of teas have left me with more than the usual layer to work off before my summer holidays. The reason for this feast? I’ve only just discovered it all.

Having moved to Sheffield a few months ago from London, I’ve happily explored the shops and talked to the owners (because they do talk up here), resulting in a sample here and a sample there of the treats on offer.

One of my first discoveries was Gerties cafe in Walkley. Until I started work in Sheffield, it was a Friday ritual of mine to have the most scrumptious cake, accompanied by a different tea each week. The cafe owner makes her own teas, including the deliciously sounding Kir Royale and the brilliantly named Northern Brew. Needless to say once I started work, my ‘lady of leisure’ Friday afternoon teas were sorely missed.

One of my greatest pleasures is having a leisurely cooked breakfast on a Saturday morning and I enjoy getting out of bed to hunt down the produce. I could simply run into my local supermarket and get back home quickly to throw it into the frying pan, but instead I shop locally. By going from butcher to baker to greengrocer, I probably add another 20 minutes onto my journey. But it’s worth it.

I get to chat to Ron the butcher in Crookes, who tells me how he hand rubs the salt into the bacon, and I’m able to marvel at the rows of healthy goodness in Just Natural, the fruit and veg shop.

The best bit about shopping locally is you know you’re contributing directly to that business. I attended the recent Sheffield Food Festival and enjoyed speaking to independent sellers and discovering new food and drinks. It was more interesting than scanning supermarket food aisles.

So whether it’s my Saturday morning breakfast or other occasional treats, by stuffing my face, I’m helping local businesses to prosper too. It seems Sheffield can cater for all my cravings, from the sweet to the cheese or meat variety. And as I’m planning on hanging around, I intend to eat my way through the city and help my fellow Yorkshiremen.