Unwanted school ‘doomed to fail’

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The recent articles in The Star about Forge Valley school are to be expected.

Firstly Mrs. McKinlay stated that those people who were against the school have now vanished.


This is a school that the majority did not want and lies have been repeatedly told in order for the school to be completed.

Mrs McKinlay offered the pupils of both closed schools a chance to vote on a uniform. The chosen unifom was not an option given.

A classroom designed by a group of pupils from both closed schools was supposed to have been built within the new school.

This too has not happened.

Many pupils have complained that the school is vastly overcrowded and that at lunch times pupils are struggling to to get their meals due to the sheer number of pupils needing to eat at the same time.

The school uniform required grey trousers or skirts and pupils have been sent home for having the wrong shade of grey.

Why not black?

There is only one shade of black.

That would have made it a lot easier for parents.

The transport that has been put in place is totally inadequate leaving some pupils no choice but to walk home, beyond what is deemed to be a reasonable walking distance.

This school should never have been built and the task of making it a success is beyond the current head mistress.

For the sake of our children’s education a new headmaster or mistress is needed at Forge Valley, otherwise this school is doomed to failure.

David Talbot