Unpleasant experience with drunken yobs in city centre

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Last Saturday my daughter and I visited the Sheffield City Hall to see the show The Magic of Motown, parking in a side street before walking to Barker’s Pool.

As we neared the end of Division Street and the corner of Cambridge Street there was an intimidating group of drunken yobs coming out of a bar and heading straight towards us.

We had to take sudden evasive action by stepping out into the road to avoid them and narrowly missed being knocked down by a taxi. Thankfully the driver must have seen what was happening and was travelling slowly so was able to stop in time.

The security staff outside the bar from which they emerged are obviously not bothered about the safety of the general public once they have got these drunks off their premises and at that time there was no visible police presence in the area.

This was around 7.15pm and they were already stoned out of their minds so one hates to think what their behaviour was like later in the evening. We eventually escaped the drunken rabble and had a lovely evening at an excellent City Hall show but it could have ended in a different way with my daughter and myself under the wheels of a taxi.

This would have been through no fault of the driver but down to the irresponsible booze-culture of today’s young people who do not seem to be able to enjoy an evening out without getting paralytic and aggressive. Sheffield is always being promoted as a ‘safe city’ but the city council needs to realise it is no use encouraging people to visit the city centre in the evening when decent members of the public don’t feel safe due to disgusting behaviour. Sadly it appears one risks life and limb if one visits a show or goes for a meal in our increasingly dangerous city centre.

Susan Richardson