University of Sheffield does not need my money

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I give a modest amount of money to the University of Sheffield each month by direct debit as a proud graduate. I support the university so that others may have the opportunities that I had, and in the spirit of the original public fundraising appeal.

However, I am strongly inclined to end my support given the news that the Vice Chancellor’s pay has increased by many times the average salary in this country to be many, many, many times the average salary. Indeed, he is paid more than almost anyone else in the sector.

Income inequality is damaging to society, as demonstrated by Sheffield academics. To pay such a large amount at the same time as cutting pay for those who are paid the least, and work so hard to make the university what it is, is not to my mind in keeping with the spirit of the city and tradition of the university.

It demonstrates that the university does not need my money.

While I would hope alumni donations are separate from general university funds it just leaves the feeling that giving is a waste. The pay increase in one year dwarfs what I will likely give over my lifetime.

Why should I continue to support the University of Sheffield?

Matt Watson

Sheffield graduate of 2003 and 2011