University a fine steward of the city’s architecture

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I appreciate that it must be difficult to accept losing the battle to prevent the demolition of the Jessop Hospital Edwardian wing but that doesn’t justify Howard Greaves’ intemperate comments about the philistines and bullyboys having won.

Are these the same “philistines and bullyboys” who have lovingly preserved and restored the Victorian wing?

Apart from the Victorian wing, we have Sheffield University to thank for the upkeep of many of the City’s better buildings, including Firth Court, the Arts Tower and St George’s church.

Without the University’s investment in, and continued use of, such buildings Sheffield would be much poorer architecturally.

Whilst I have my reservations about some of the newer buildings for which it is responsible, including the candy-striped horror of Jessop West and the tawdry blocks bounded by Pitt Street, Mappin Street, Portobello and Regent Terrace, I think the university has to be commended for its stewardship of the city’s architecture – just as it has for the economic contribution it makes to Sheffield.

Paul Kenny