Unholy alliance and the NHS

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I’VE been unemployed since March 31, 2010. I was engaged before this in a reasonably lucrative business linked into the NHS.

I expected the availability of work to be scarce with the concern the NHS always had every time there is an election, so I was prepared to wait it out. However with the coming of the unholy alliance and their devious plans for the NHS, the work shrivelled completely. I employed myself and my husband, so this is a double hit for us. We are facing ruin.

Today I heard from Labour’s Ed Miliband that the coming cuts will hit the average family by £182 this year. I’m very worried about how this level of cuts will affect services and hope that after the local elections we’ll have Labour councillors to speak up for our area against.

It’s time to stand up for families who are being hit hardest. I added my voice to campaignengineroom.org.uk/your-street.

Liz Owen