Unforgettable nights at Mojo

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I WRITE regarding my memories and experiences of the iconic King Mojo Club on Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield, during the late 1960s.

I first visited the club in 1966 and it was, for me and many others of our generation, the very pinnacle of superlative entertainment, provided by the unique and iconic Peter Stringfellow.

My personal recollections were to enjoy the company of like-minded young people who simply wanted to enjoy themselves in an empathetic and innocent way.

I was quite familiar with the Stringfellow family. Peter, his brother Geoff and their mother, who oversaw the admissions and reception, all very genuine and decent people.

These were, perhaps, the best times of my life. I made many lifelong friends during the time, all we wanted to do was to enjoy a good night, laugh, dance and hear the best, and latest, soul music, in a carefree environment.

Peter unfailingly delivered with great panache, night after night, to the delight of his audience, a truly unique and entertaining performance. We saw many top groups of the day, who went on to become major stars.

After the Mojo closed, Peter opened the Penthouse Club at the top of Dixon Lane in Haymarket and Down Broadway on the High Street in Sheffield city centre, before going on to much bigger and better things.

I sincerely thank him and his family for enriching my life in my formative years and providing me with enduring and unforgettable memories of that special time.

J Duckenfield, Concord Road, Sheffield S5