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I moved away from flight path

Here we go again: D S Dalton and G Headley moan about the demise of the airport.

Let it go! I notice Mr Dalton lives at S20 probably nowhere near the flight path. I did!

Planes were low enough to see the pilots, so I sold my house and moved away from the flight path. Thank goodness the airport closed.

The council did a brilliant job selling useless land, which they could not develop, to someone who could and it now provides jobs and money coming in via rates.

Mr Dalton wanted to keep the airport because it was 10 minutes from his house. So we all suffer so he can fly?

Most regional airports are away from cities. If he and his friends want to live next to an airport, exchange a house with someone near Robin Hood Airport. I’m sure he’d have plenty of takers.

Several friends recently flew from Robin Hood and all said what a brilliant airport it is, and easy to get to.

R Charlesworth, Stannington

Ideal position

READING the letter from Bernard Little, Green Party: Tesco Express would be an ideal shop to open in Walkley, which is short of good food shops. It seems to me it would be an ideal position.

Go to Walkley and you find there is nowhere to park when shopping there. Mr Little points out there is no Post Office, so why not open one in Tesco? This has been done in the Spar shop at Crosspool and works very well.

B Wilkinson, Lodge Moor